Debra Mullins

To Ruin the Duke

A disreputable duke All of London is abuzz with the shocking exploits of the Duke of Wyldehaven, a man as sinful and wild as his name. He plays fast and loose with money, drink, and women. Or does he? An impostor has tarnished Wyldes’s good name, and the real duke will not rest until he […]

Two Weeks with a Stranger

Wedded and bedded, Lucy is devastated when she’s abandoned by her new husband the very next day. Though it was a marriage of convenience, their heated wedding night gave her hope that it would turn into something more. But she refuses to be the demure bride left behind on a country estate while the stranger […]

Scandal of the Black Rose

There is a mysterious society that only London’s most select gentlemen may join. And once members, they may never leave it…alive. Anna Rosewood is determined to discover the truth about the death of her twin brother. Following a single clue–the symbol of a black rose crossed with a sword–she dons a mask, infiltrates a secret […]

Just One Touch

The Groom: Rogan Hunt has no need for a wife. After a stint in prison, he is only concerned with rebuilding the coffers of his estates. But then the Duke of Belvingham makes him an offer only a fool would refuse. The Bride: Lady Caroline Ware is horrified when her father arranges her marriage with […]

Three Nights…

With a turn of the cards, her father is ruined — and innocent Aveline Stoddard is lost. To honor the gambling debt, she agrees to submit for three nights to Lucien DuFeron’s every desire, three nights of blistering sensuality and unparalleled ecstasy in the arms of the dashing, dark rogue they call “Lucifer.” But the […]

A Necessary Bride

High-spirited Margaret Stanton-Lynch intends to enjoy the Season without the hindrance of an unwanted romance. Meg refuses to be tied down before she fully explores what life has to offer, though she must admin that Justin St. James, the dashing Earl of Rathmore, has a most deliciously appealing air of dangerous mystery about him. Not […]

A Necessary Husband

When Garrett Lynch bursts the glittering Raynewood ballroom like a wild man, a hapless footman clinging to each powerful arm, Lucinda Devering is equally appalled and impressed. How uncivilized! How barbaric! How… stirringly strong and manly! Then she learns he’s the long-lost heir of the Duke of Raynewood–and that it’s her job to transform him […]