Debra Mullins

Scandal of the Black Rose

Regency Historical Romance

There is a mysterious society that only London’s most select gentlemen may join. And once members, they may never leave it…alive.

Anna Rosewood is determined to discover the truth about the death of her twin brother. Following a single clue–the symbol of a black rose crossed with a sword–she dons a mask, infiltrates a secret gathering that only a disreputable woman would attend, and encounters a dashing stranger…

Were it not for a promise to a dying comrade, Roman Devereaux would never have met this enchanting doxy who seems quite naive for her profession. But he is shocked to later discover that the lady is, in fact, the fiancee of his cousin–and that she and Roman both seek information about the sinister Black Rose Society. But working together could prove disasterous, for there is no resisting the passionate fire that sears them–or the forbidden desire that could only lead to scandal…or far, far worse.