Debra Mullins

DONOVAN’S BED on sale for 99¢ until November 1!

To celebrate the release of KERRIGAN’S LAW, Book 3 in the Welcome to Burr series, I am putting Book 1, DONOVAN’S BED, on sale for 99¢ until November 1, 2017!

DONOVAN’S BED (Book 1) – WIFE WANTED: When newspaper editor Sarah Calhoun printed the story about Jack Donovan looking for a wife, she never imagined that every unwed female in Wyoming would flood the town looking to fill the position. And she never dreamed that, even after reading the man’s long list of ridiculous wifely requirements, would she long for the job herself…

THE LAWMAN’S SURRENDER (Book 2) – U.S. Marshal Jedidiah Brown knew Susannah Calhoun was trouble from the first day he met her. The blonde beauty turns men’s heads with her looks and charm to get her way, but he certainly never expected to find her in a jail cell accused of murder! Pursued by those who want to see her hanged, Jedidiah is duty-bound to escort her to Denver for her trial. But will they be able to clear her name in time, or will their burgeoning love be cut short by the hangman’s noose?

KERRIGAN’S LAW (Book 3 due out October 24) – When bounty hunter J.G. Kerrigan comes to Burr, Wyoming Territory, he discovers his old back-stabbing nemesis Blade in town, trying to pass himself off as a respectable citizen. Kerrigan is determined to bring him to justice, and becoming the sheriff of the small town Blade cares about seems the best way to do it. But Kerrigan doesn’t count on reverend’s daughter Marianne Westerly complicating matters. Her sweet compassion threatens to bring Kerrigan’s darkest secret into the light, but it turns out the lady has ghosts in her own past as well…