Debra Mullins

Too Wicked To Love

Victorian Historical Romance
The Brides of Nevarton Chase: Book 2

Too wicked to love…but too tempting to resist!

Having already been decieved by a heartless fiance, Genevieve Wallington-Willis knows better than to trust any man–which is why her attraction to John Ready is so very disturbing. Though devilishly handsome, he is far too mysterious–and a humble coachman, no less! But one inadvertent kiss and Genevieve is lost.

John dares not reveal his true identity to anyone or it’s the gallows for certain! He must concentrate on clearing his name–and prevent the fiend who sullied it, the notorious Raventhorpe, from working his evil on another innocent victim. But being this close to the clever, courageous and exquisite Miss Wallington-Willis is driving him to distraction. And surrendering to his desire–not to mention love–may prove the most dangerous risk of all.