Debra Mullins

Once a Mistress

Caribbean Pirates Historical Romance

All the money in the world can’t give sheltered heiress Diana Covington what she really craves—adventure. A dutiful daughter living on a lush Jamaican estate, she knows she will someday inherit her father’s fortune and marry a man of his choice. But even she can’t escape tales of the dashing pirate El Moreno, the Black Spaniard. She fantasizes about the daring rogue sweeping her off her feet into an exciting life of high seas romance to help to shorten the tedious days and the long, lonely nights.

Those daydreams give way to harsh reality when Diana is kidnapped by a ruthless pirate named Marcus. This isn’t the Caribbean excitement she’s been craving at all!

Alex Rawnsley has been given a mission: to bring the pirate Marcus to justice. His heart hungers for vengeance as he dons his disguise as the infamous El Moreno, but his plans to defeat his nemesis are complicated when faced with a headstrong beauty who needs rescuing first. Once Alex has her under his protection, he and the sharp-tongued Diana butt heads again and again—when they’re not sharing blistering kisses.

Alex must maintain his identity as the nefarious pirate while keeping Diana safe, but resisting her sweet allure to get her home untouched might be the most challenging test of all.