Debra Mullins

Donovan’s Bed

American Western Historical Romance
Welcome to Burr: Book 1

It’s Sarah Calhoun’s job to report the news, but when she prints a story about handsome Jack Donovan’s search for a wife, she never could have imagined that the town’s unwed females would stalk him like he’s the last bachelor in Wyoming Territory! A scandal in her past disqualifies Sarah from being any man’s wife, so why then, even after reading the man’s list of ridiculous marital requirements, does she long for the job herself?

Jack came to the tiny town of Burr to escape his horrific past and create the life he’s always longed for. He knows exactly what he wants in a bride, and Sarah isn’t it. She’s pretty enough, but also bossy, independent and more dedicated to her newspaper than she could ever be to any man. But he can’t seem to get her out of his mind—or stop imagining her in his brand-new bed.

When a ghost from the past returns, the battle of the sexes turns into the battle to survive. Jack and Sarah must work together to defeat an enemy and win the true prize: love.