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Day 29 of the 31 Days of Books Giveaway: What’s The Most Romantic Gesture You’ve Ever Heard About?
January 29th, 2014

Congratulations to Juli Temple, who won yesterday’s drawing! I’ll be emailing Juli to arrange delivery of her choice of book.

Today’s question (you can apply it to books, TV/movies, or real life): What is the most romantic thing you have ever heard one person doing for another?

For me, it was when my husband (then brand new boyfriend) moved across the country to be with me. He lived on one coast and I lived on the other. We met through work and had a long distance relationship for several months before we realized that stolen weekends weren’t going to cut it, that we had to live in each other’s daily (in the same state!) in order to give this thing a chance. He made sacrifices and left everything he’d ever known because he had faith that we would make it. Here we are ten years later, happily married (and living back on his coast).

My sister told me a story about how her then boyfriend (now husband) secretly took a broken bracelet she adored to the jeweler and had it repaired for her birthday. She loved that more than if he had given her something new.

I also love the part in the movie French Kiss when Meg Ryan’s character Kate sets up the elaborate pretense for Kevin Kline’s Luc that she sold the diamonds for him, and the inspector tells him what she really did.

What about you? What romantic gesture has touched you the most? Comment to be included in a drawing to win a paperback title from my backlist!

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30 Responses to “Day 29 of the 31 Days of Books Giveaway: What’s The Most Romantic Gesture You’ve Ever Heard About?”

  1. bn100 says:

    the scarf scene in confessions of a shopaholic

  2. Raonaid Luckwell says:

    Ugh.. my mind went totally blank on this. Will have to come back when I think of something.

  3. Diane Patricia Diamond says:

    Sadly, I don’t know of any romantic scenes. I’m sure that I’ve read about some, but for the life of me, cannot bring them to mind right now. 🙁

  4. Joyce Ward says:

    Also drawing a blank… How sad is that?

  5. Debra Yates says:

    I think it was coming home one night after a tiring day to have a bath drawn and a candle lit dinner. 😉

  6. Margo says:

    Treating my son from another marriage like his own

  7. Hope Stern says:

    I fell asleep on the couch the first time I invited my them boyfriend to a home made dinner.
    I woke up in my bed , covered with a comforter and a note that simply said, thanks for a remarkable dinner

    We married 26 years ago

  8. In the Brtish miniseries POLDARK Demelza (the servant girl) removes Ross’s (lord of the manor) boots by the fire then hugs his legs and says, “I love you so much it hurts.”

  9. socal says:

    When my boyfriend asked his mother to find his childhood teddy bear and mail it to him. He wrapped it and gave it to me for Valentine’s Day. =-)

  10. Katt Lloyd says:

    After an awful day at work, I came home to a hot bubble bath, dinner was fed to me by hand (all my favorite nibbles). Later bed covered with various pillows & tented with netting. Room lit with candles then choc. dipped berries and wine.
    Hubby didn’t say one word the whole time.

  11. Carrie says:

    My all time favorite book is Shining Through by Susan Isaacs. When Edward goes into Nazi Germany to save Linda…it melts your heart and keeps you on your toes. Will they get out?? (the movie was AWFUL Couldn’t watch it to the end.)

    • Debra Mullins says:

      That sounds like a really touching, romantic story, Carrie. Thanks for sharing it with us. I’ll have to look for that book 🙂

  12. Meri Jo Hall says:

    My husband thinks “Romance” = Perfume and “Romantic” = Jewelry and he isn’t either one of them, lol! He also thinks a romantic dinner is a trip to Burger King!

    • Debra Mullins says:

      As long as he knows what you like at Burger King. 🙂 Seriously, not all men are overtly romantic, but he’s with you and doing his best by you, and that’s pretty darned romantic in its own right.

  13. Tari Jewett says:

    Almost exactly one year after my husband and I got married, we had our first son. By the following Valentine’s our baby was six months old, and my husband had been hinting that maybe we could leave a six month old with grandparents and have a night out.

    I decided to surprise hubby, and asked my father in law if he and his girlfriend would babysit….and please to keep the secret.

    On Valentine’s I surprised hubby and took him to dinner at Charlie Brown’s on the marina, then dancing. Afterward he wanted to go for a walk along the marina, the next thing I knew he had taken my hand and was pulling me onto one of the boats. I was in a panic because we didn’t (and still don’t) own a boat.

    We got on board, and in the boats cabin there was a bottle of champagne on ice, rose petals spread out all over and a single rose laying there waiting for me…and music. The Look of Love played when he turned on the stereo.

    Apparently, my FIL couldn’t keep a secret, and let it slip to Hubby that we were going out. Hubby had a friend with a boat on the marina, and turned my surprise for him into a surprise for me.

    Definitely the most romantic thing he’s ever done. (Except maybe the love note he wrote me for our 20th anniversary…he doesn’t write)

  14. JUANITA DECUIR says:


  15. Selene says:

    Hi Debra:

    I’ll play. Last summer, we were in the middle of our summer holiday in the UK (we live in America). On the road, leaving the Lake District and headed back up to Scotland, my husband handed me a print out showing information about a restaurant Les Papilles and told me he was taking me to dinner there. We had originally planned to stay and dine at another nice establishment in Edinburgh for the weekend.

    I asked, “Oh, is this a new restaurant in Edinburgh?” He answered, “No, it’s in Paris. We fly out in the morning.” In the middle of our UK holiday, he surprised me with a three-day weekend in Paris! And the meal at Les Papilles was seriously one of the best I’ve ever had. lol. He knows I love Paris.

  16. I’m in the navy. When I got of deployment last year my husband came with the children to pick me up, the norm. However, when I got home, he had laid out a cute pants and shirt outfit he had bought for me prior to me coming home with heals to match. He drew me a bath and as i took my bath got himself ready in a beautiful black and silver suit. He took me to a movie and dinner. When we came back home he had a present for me. He had custom made a pair of rollerskates for me while i was away. Rollerskating is my favorite pastime, but not my husbands. He took me rollerskating and asked me to teach him how to skate too. It was by far the best date we’ve ever been on. We’ve been married for a year and a half.

  17. Years ago, when I was working full time, AND going to grad school and getting home late at night, and absolutely exhausted… I had told my new boyfriend that I did NOT have time or energy to socialize with him one night…. When I got home, on this cold/drizzly/ icy night, he was sitting on the curb outside my apartment anyway.. I got out of the car.. he handed me a bag from Boston Market with a hot chicken and the fixin’s in it.. kissed me on the cheek.. wished me a good night, and left. Sigh. He sure got points for that!

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