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Day 26 of the 31 Days of Books Giveaway: Are You a Coffee Drinker Or A Tea Drinker?
January 26th, 2014

Congratulations to Stephani, who won yesterday’s drawing! I’ll be emailing Stephani to arrange delivery of her choice of book.

Today’s debate: coffee or tea?

I am a tea person. I honestly dislike the taste of coffee, though I love the smell. I started drinking tea for a couple of reasons: 1.) To have something to drink when the coffee drinkers were drinking coffee after a dinner and 2.) I’m Irish.

What does being Irish have to do with it? I never realized this until I wrote a workshop about building characters and the traditions passed down through the generations, but one of the reasons I drink tea with milk and sweetener is because that’s how my dad drank it. And where did he pick up that habit? From his parents, who were from—you guessed it—Ireland.

I drink black teas. No herbal for me, though I will occasionally drink chamomile if I have an upset stomach (learned that one from a pediatrician years ago). I will also drink the chamomile straight up, no milk or sugar. The poor chamomile gets lost with that stuff in it. But black teas? They’re fairly strong, sometimes bitter and need the help from milk and sweetener. Note I said milk, not cream. Anyone ever try drinking creamer in tea? It completely masks the taste of the tea, and you find yourself drinking hot creamer. Bleh.

Here in America, we are a coffee society. I will order tea at a restaurant, and I will ask for milk. They bring me creamer. I ask again for milk (as I remove the lemon and honey from my saucer). They look at me funny, but they eventually come back with a small glass of milk. It’s exhausting. However, if you drink coffee, they bring all the fixings, exactly as you would wish.

Now a few years ago, my husband and I went to Ireland. When I went to a restaurant, I ordered tea. That’s it, just tea. Not only did they bring me a big, silver pot of brewed tea (just as they would serve coffee in America), they brought milk and sweetener without me having to ask. My people!

One other fun thing about Ireland: my husband ordered coffee one day and asked for cream. The wait staff looked perplexed, but they eventually brought him some. Apparently one drinks coffee with milk as well.

Now, I’m not dissing coffee. I’m just saying I’m a tea drinker living in a coffee drinking country. My husband occasionally drinks coffee, as does my older son. My younger son has drifted into Tea Land with me. His favorite? Irish Breakfast. <G>

My husband and I went to Hawaii a couple of years ago. We stayed on The Big Island (as West coasters refer to the island of Hawaii), specifically Kona. Of course we found ourselves at a Kona coffee plantation, where my husband tried a blend of coffee referred to as Peaberry. Our tour guide recommended we try the Peaberry without anything in it. Then, if we still wanted to add something after the first taste, we should do so.

My husband tried the Peaberry black, and he was amazed at the flavor. Normally coffee beans grow two to a cherry, flat against each other two halves inside a peanut. But once in a while, the cherry only produces one mutant bean, and this apparently produces a sweeter and less bitter coffee. Because processing the Peaberry is so labor intensive (picking out the mutant beans by hand), it is very expensive, even there in Hawaii. A pound of it cost around $35! We brought some home to my son (just a little package, around $8), and he loved it, too.

So, my name is Deb and I am a tea drinker. My current favorite is English Breakfast and The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee blend, which a friend brought back for me from England.

What about you? Are you a coffee person or a tea person? What’s your favorite? Comment to be included in a drawing to win a paperback title from my backlist!

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11 Responses to “Day 26 of the 31 Days of Books Giveaway: Are You a Coffee Drinker Or A Tea Drinker?”

  1. Raonaid Luckwell says:

    I’m the oddball in my family. My mom and grandparents on her side love coffee; however I cannot stand the stuff.

    I cannot drink Cappuccinos because I can taste the coffee flavor. Hubby rolls his eyes at me.

    Now I love teas. My friend in Texas sends me up all kinds of them. She introduced Green Tea to me. Which I got my teenage son into.

    Then I discovered Irish Breakfast teas and English Breakfast teas. Love love love them. Earl grey is okay.

    • Debra Mullins says:

      Raonaid, the more I learn about you, the more I’m convinced your my Sister From Another Mister. I can’t stand coffee flavor in anything, not mocha, not ice cream, nothing! But I do drink a lot of iced tea!

      • Raonaid Luckwell says:

        LOL- Sounds like it doesn’t it? Yeah hubby says I’m weird because he can’t taste the coffee but I sure can. And I come from a family of coffee drinkers.

        Fortunate for me hubby doesn’t drink it either. My fifteen year old son complains that no one but him drinks coffee. He tried it at a friend’s house

  2. Diane Patricia Diamond says:

    Well, being from England, I really only drink tea. And, it has to be PG Tips, which I’m able to get at our local British store.

    I rarely drink coffee, and when I do, it’s instant only.

    I love the tea caddy above, it’s really gorgeous. I love my Queen!!

    • Debra Mullins says:

      Being English, Diane, I’m sure you understand my pain over trying to get black tea with milk and sweetener in a restaurant. It’s only gotten worse since I moved to the west coast, the land of herbal teas.

  3. Coffee! Lots and Lots of coffee. I can’t function without coffee. My husband drinks gallons of iced tea, but we never drink the hot tea for some reason.

    • Debra Mullins says:

      Much of the country is fueled by coffee, it seems. Have you heard of the Peaberry from Hawaii? It’s supposed to be amazing.

  4. Gail Smith-Sofsky says:

    Totally Tea! If it tasted as good as it smells when brewing I might have went with Coffee instead.

  5. Irene says:

    Last Mother’s Day, my husband bought me the royal commemorative tea pot, cup and biscuit (that word looks wrong) plate. I would never use it to actually let tea steep, but it is so charmingly English! Tea may be dirty water, like coffee, but it is the dirty water of choice with me.

    How ya doin’, Deb?

  6. Cinthia Hamer says:

    I’m one of those oddballs who love both. In the winter I tend to drink more coffee….more caffeine to get me moving in the wee smalls. But in the warmer months, I tend to go with tea.

    When my girls were little I took them out for afternoon tea at a local tea shop not only as a treat, but to teach them etiquette. We dressed up and they learned how to pour, how to sit properly at a grown up table, learned to use their napkins and to speak softly while at table.

    Now, it’s something the three of us do whenever we get together. A tradition I’m glad I started and one that we cherish.

    Favorite coffee is hands down, Jamaica Blue Mountain. Lovely floral aroma and amazing flavor.

    Favorite tea is darjeeling. It’s a nice, strong cup but not bitter.

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