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Day 24 of the 31 Days of Books Giveaway: What Are Your Pet Peeves About Romance Novels?
January 24th, 2014

There were no comments yesterday, so no winners today.

This time I wanted to talk about pet peeves when it comes to books. I know you love romance novels just like I do, but what are your pet peeves about them? You know, those things that get under your skin and make you throw the book across the room?

I have a few:

  1. Amnesia. As soon as I see that word, I put down the book.
  2. Stupid heroine. I simply cannot stand a heroine who does things that make no sense. In movies, it is the girl walking in the woods at night in her nightgown or going down into the basement without turning on the light. I shout at the TV. Why is this woman not taking precautions, especially if she knows there is a monster/vampire/psycho killer on the loose? The same things happen in books. The hero tells you to STAY PUT, heroine, because he’s trying to save you from the evil agent/psycho killer/former-best-friend-turned-enemy! So why do you think it’s okay to run out to the car at right this moment? Seriously?
  3. HEA that is too easy. If the hero and heroine are madly in love by the middle of the book, it’s really hard to get that tension back. (I just read one like this.)
  4. Words used incorrectly or spelled incorrectly. Multiple people have looked at the book before it is ever released into the wild. How is it that you think she “lead” them on a wild goose chase? (Should be ‘led’.) Where was the copyeditor on that one?
  5. Wandering body parts. This drives me nuts. His hands slid down her back. (Do they have an owner or are they working independently? I would prefer He slid his hands down her back.) His eyes smiled. (Eyes don’t have lips). He rolled his eyes towards her. (Sounds like a painful bowling game to me!)

What about you? What are your pet peeves when it comes to books? Those who comment will be included in a drawing to win a paperback title from my backlist!

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5 Responses to “Day 24 of the 31 Days of Books Giveaway: What Are Your Pet Peeves About Romance Novels?”

  1. Diane Patricia Diamond says:

    My pet peeve is how the hero can overlook all the heroines stupid actions, that have cost him years of his life, and title. How can a hero possibly fall in love with somebody like that in a space of a few days? It’s just so not real, and it makes my blood boil.

    • Debra Mullins says:

      Realism is important to me, too. When I am writing a book, I want the romance to come naturally. Sometimes I think authors are depending too much on sexual attraction to move things along.

  2. Irene says:

    I gotta say this. The first time, with a virgin young woman, and she has an orgasm. Maybe I’ve just forgotten, but somehow, I don’t think so. The ecstasy just seems so unrealistic. Oh, yeah, TSTL heroines in historical novels, or contemporary…drive me nuts.
    Medieval heroines wearing their own armor…good grief!
    I’ll stop now. I’m grumpy this morning.

  3. Top 5 Pet Peeves (and I see them a lot, too):

    Alpha Hero Jerk – the one the heroine should dump by chapter three so she can date his nice best friend.

    It’s just a misunderstanding — conflict that could be solved with one conversation (instead of made worse with one conversation).

    I’ll never trust you again because I saw you with your ex (or your ex just told me a bunch of lies about you) — also called, I don’t really love this person, I don’t have a forgiving bone in my body, or I’m just a gullible person who believes everything an ex would say.

    I’ll lever love again because I picked a bum woman the last time. This almost always applies to the guy, and always leaves me thinking this guy is really a loser for picking women who leave him. As in what do these women know about this guy?

    Historical with woman in pants, disguised as a boy, or riding astride just because. It’s been done to death, so unless something new can be added here, I’m over this one. And it always makes me wonder about a guy who can’t figure out the guy he’s hot for is a woman — glasses needed or closet gay?

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